The Great Turning

I am currently reading The Great Turning by David Korten.  The subtitle is: From Empire to Earth Community.  The book clearly set-out a path to guide us into the next phase of our global culture – one of partnerships, the rise of the feminine principle, greater care for our environment and an end to poverty

One thought on “The Great Turning”

  1. perhaps like tai chi, it takes a while for the ideas of a “Great Turning’ to find some traction among people at large, but it seems to me that David Korten has done a monumental job of envisioning a different road for the people of the Earth, if you regard the viability of the human race as important.
    I find his explanation of the dichotomy between our science myths and our religion myths to be fascinating. Our future depends on seeing ourselves as accurately as possible. The truths of both science and religion belong to a greater acknowledgement of the validity of integrating both viewpoints and using our empiricism and our faith in the sacredness of our planet (and ourselves) to create a new appreciation of our possibilities to promote life and our ‘Integral Spirit’.

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