Let food be your medicine


hus spoke Hippocrates – the father of medicine – 2500 years ago.

We are constantly being reminded of the need to eat healthily. The message given is: eat more fruit and veggies, get your daily protein, replace processed grains with whole grains and moderate saturated fats & sugars.

There are some ‘prized’ foods that I like to work into my meals and snacks or to take as supplements:

  1. *Coconut oil and/or fish oil

  2. *Mixed raw nuts, mixed raw seeds

  3. *Chia seeds – Salvia Hispanica

  4. *Home grown bean sprouts

  5. *Fruit smoothies

  6. *Live yoghurt

  7. *Chinese tonic herb blend

  8. *70% dark chocolate – a treat!

  9. *Green tea

  10. *Freshly extracted veggie juice – carrot, celery etc

The principle is to think about how food can support your whole healthy being rather than simply satisfying your taste buds and cravings.

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