Seniors Tai Chi


Yin Yang Qigong

  • Giant Roc Spreads its Wings
  • Lotus Flower Emerges from the Water
  • Goldfish Swishes its Tail
  • Pushing Ripples Across the water
  • Lion Plays with Ball
  • Peacock Fans its Tail
  • Two Swallows Skim the Water
  • Figure of Eight Emitting Fragrance
  • Wind Brushes Emerald Willows
  • Circle the Universe Right and Left
  • Water Cascades Down High Mountains
  • Wind Swirls Lotus Leaf
  • Separate Yin and Yang
  •  Butterfly Flutters its Wings
  • Rolling Water Beads on the Lotus Leaf
  • Uniting the Three Centres

18 June 2012

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