Heavenly Way Training



International Instructors Training Heavenly Way

This event, which is led by Master San Gee Tam (Sangee) and Chief Instructor Annukka at their home (the retreat centre for the school), gets better every year.  The training this year was the best ever for me.    Its hard to describe much of what really happens during these trainings, but when I return I feel inspired to live my life more joyfully, to practice more deeply and to teach the Golden Flower material more powerfully. As well as from the teaching of Sangee and Annukka we also generate a huge amount of energy as a group of instructors practising and sharing together.

For myself I learned to integrate some fundamental principles into my life.  These are all things that I have been working on for some time and with practice and regular inspiration from Sangee and Annukka are now really coming alive in me!

•Listening/recreating – complete attention to a communication without any internal voice bringing up things from the past.

•Processing – seeing how the happenings of life are part of my own ‘karma’ that I can process and grow through.

•Perspective – bringing a higher perspective to the details of my life

•Creating – taking responsibility for getting what I want from the unfolding of my life by choosing thoughts and feelings that help to manifest my wishes.

•Healing – creating an internal vibe that supports the natural healing process of my body.

Of course we practiced a lot of Tai Chi (as well as Bagua and Hsing-Yi).  Our school has such deep development that we now have 4 of our own ‘Golden Flower’ forms. Which provide enough material for a lifetime of Tai Chi practice for all but the most dedicated practitioner.

•Basic Form (including simplified beginner version and fast version)

•Long Form – integrating higher level principles.

•Fast Form – with more stepping and a clear focus on applications.

•Large Circle Form – a more strenuous with form with bigger movements that open up the body especially hips and shoulders.

I am really enjoying my practice of the Long Form and know that’s its going to take me a few months to work though all that I learned this time.  I also learned a whole new level of standing very straight in the basic form.

My own Tai Chi practice has reached a point where I am interested in developing the applications of Tai Chi in Pushing Hands.  Sangee’s Pushing Hands is excellent and I learned to really relax my upper body more and rely on the integrity of my structure and the grounding of my energy to ‘work’.

Sangee is unusual as a high level Tai Chi teacher in also being masterful at leading groups in discussion about personal and spiritual growth. At this training a few of us learned more about how to set-up our own groups and lead a series of classes around the material in our ChiSource programme.    Annukka led some great sessions and I was amazed at how much energy I could generate by dedicating my actions and was able to really see how I am ‘blocking’ and ‘wasting’ in my life.  I will be setting up a sharing group soon.

In the past few years Sangee, Annukka and Wendi Mason have been studying horsemanship and have a happy family of horses at the retreat.  I learned so much about how my vibe communicates to other ‘beings’ as I groomed and rode “Robert’ and lovely new addition to  the horse family.

Beyond all the learning by far the most profound aspect of this training was my own exploration of being. I became more and more present and conscious so my experience of life became so much deeper and my indescribable ‘being’ became a greater part of what I identify myself as – rather than all the content of my experience.

After one of Sangee’s sessions I was inspired to write this for the event blog:

I feel a great appreciation for the school that we have. For Sangee and Annukka who lead it, all the people that form it, the teachings that we share and practice in it, the present and past Masters that inspire it. It is great blessing in my life.

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