A training

A training on many dimensions

On completing another incredible training event with Master San Gee Tam and Senior Instructor Annukka, along with some 40 other members of my Golden Flower family, I am struck by how we work together on many dimensions.

The foundation is unequivocally physical. We explore extremes of movement for flexibility and long deep stances for lower body strength.  We combine these into many hours of daily practice developing stamina and fitness.

Out of the physical comes energy, spiralling and circling, opening and closing, sharing and listening.  With energy awareness we learn to apply Tai Chi principles into form and function.

Within this experience of energy comes peace of mind and deepening clarity.  We develop strong focus and keep stretching our attention with ever more intricate two person drills.

Underlying all of these is the subtle plane.  The training of awareness itself … starting to discover who we really are.  Our awareness extends to the subtle – to higher vibrations. At certain points of elevated awareness reality expands and we glimpse beyond the limitations of three dimensions.

The Golden Flower curriculum is designed to support all levels of living. We use Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-Yi and apply universal principles to the practice.  These same principles are practiced in communication and self enquiry towards health and happiness.  The Golden Flower community is a support structure that empowers me to keep growing and transforming.

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