Instructor – Tom Gold-Blyth

Married, with two children and living in Headington,  I am blessed to work full time as a Tai Chi teacher, and enjoy regularly meeting with the Instructor Team of Golden Flower Tai Chi UK to train and practice.  (Member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain).

Dedicated to health and personal growth

With 20 years of Tai Chi practice I am an ‘inner circle’ student of Master San Gee Tam and a leader in the International Golden Flower Tai Chi School. The deep knowledge of Tai Chi passing to me from San Gee and Annukka is the synthesis of lineage Tai Chi from two renown Masters – Chu King-Hung and Dong Zheng-Chen.  My focus is on development of health and fitness, inner peace and enlightenment.  I  learn, practice and teach Tai Chi as a method of spiritual development and as an internal martial art system with less focus on fighting/self-defence.  Having made a serious study of Standing Qigong through ongoing daily practice for over 15 years, I enjoy practicing an ever broadening variety of forms, exercises, meditations and breathing methods – including 5 Tai Chi Forms, Pushings Hands, Bagua, Hsing-Yi, Weapons and most importantly Being Here Now!


I love working with people and teach full curriculum Golden Flower classes to students up to and beyond instructor level.  I have developed a special curriculum for seniors which is popular and fun.  More recently I have been gaining experience of working with Trauma sufferers as the Tai Chi teacher for Khiron House which fulfils a long-held wish of mine to teach in a therapeutic setting.

The Golden Flower School is all about self cultivation and I am learning, practicing and teaching practical ways to apply Tai Chi principles to everyday life especially communication, self enquiry and understanding life processes.  I am very hopefull for the ‘flowering of humanity’ and am trying to be the change that I want to see in the world!

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