Small Circle Training

Arriving back at Heavenly Way I feel a warm surge of appreciation for Master San Gee Tam, Annukka and the Heavenly Way Community for this beautiful space which supports us and provides the perfect setting for our training.  The level of the school just keeps on rising and now we are starting to study the highest level – ‘Lineage Level’ Yang Family Small Circle Form. To begin Sangee and Annukka lead the group into a more conscious space – we make sure that absolutely everything is ‘handled’ and then we go deeper into reality.  The session starts with Sangee giving an overview of the Small Circle Level of training and how it is really a study of the principles and a higher level of refining their embodiment.  We prepare to do the form by practicing the Taoist Relaxation Exercises with a more subtle awareness of Qi, then we start to work on the form. Each movement is taught in great detail and is practiced many times before learning the next.  We balance ever increasing level of relaxation with a more and more refined structure. The Qi is amazing and seems to come as much from the intention move into this higher level as it does from our physical reality.  I feel that Sangee is transmitting huge qi into the space and maybe that whole Yang family are adding theirs into the mix too!  It really is a great privilege to have access to such a high level of teaching and after 18 years of diligent study and practice I feel ready to embark on integrating this new level and inspired to continue my path of Tai Chi development. I also feel like simply doing nothing!white is white

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