Five Tai Chi Forms

The forms that we practice in the Golden Flower Tai Chi School are based on lineage Yang style Tai Chi as taught to Master San Gee Tam by his original teacher Master Chu King-Hung.  After many years of study and practice San Gee decided to create his own forms based on the originals and integrating other teachings from outside Master Chu’s lineage including movements and techniques from Dong Family Tai Chi. This process of creating adapted ‘Golden Flower’ forms has been going on for the past 20 years so now we have 5 Golden Flower Tai Chi Forms to learn /practice and each form has its own set of preparation exercises, standing qigong positions, as well as pushing hands exercises.

Qigong Form.  55 movements in a small stance.  Focus on fundamental principles: relax/ground, upright posture, full weight shift, align to weighted foot, circular arm movements. Beginners

Basic Form. 112 movements in a medium stance.  Add more detailed principles, three point alignment & open knee stepping. Form variations: Rolling/circling, Yin-Yang, Drone, Dynamic, Relax, Fast, Fast Fa-Jing, Speaking Steps, Centre-move. Intermediates

Fast Form. Adapted version of basic form with extra stepping and focus on applications. Performed fast. Intermediates

Long Form.  252 movements (using same counting method – though generally known as 108 form) in a long deep stance using lifted knee stepping. Fuller expressions of each movement with detailed sequencing and understanding of hand applications. Spiralling and opening/closing the arms. The Golden Flower Long Form is a training form to develop the complete version of each movement and may be performed in upright version or tendon chi version. (The long form movements may then be internalised in the study of traditional lineage-based Small Circle Form – the highest level of trainng in our school). Advanced students

Large Circle Form (same sequence as long form) in a large square stance using foot circle stepping and taking movements to the maximum to strengthen and open joints. Form still in development. Advanced students

These five forms fit together so that the learning and development is progressive, everything moves in the same direction.  These five forms will keep even the most keen of students busy for many years!

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