Why learn Tai Chi?


With its unique combination of meditation and martial development – Tai Chi helps us to become more deeply aware and so to deal more effectively with obstacles.

For most of us life does not progress on a smooth path, and when we hit obstacles we may get into trouble or get stuck.  Tai Chi teaches us that obstacles are an opportunity to learn and develop, to become still and gather ourselves instead of complicating matters with impatience and struggle. We learn to see/feel what is really going on, and adapt our response to what is appropriate. Sometimes we need to wait until something else has shifted, other times we have to change ourselves before we can progress.

Obstructions can be obvious external issues such as financial problems  or illness/injury – or they may be more subtle emotional attitudes such as inflexibility, lack of discipline or negativity.  Either way, fighting an obstruction directly may not work and paradoxically we find that by letting go and ceasing to struggle  we find solutions.  As we develop, by practicing Tai Chi, overcoming obstacles becomes ‘having breakthroughs’ … opening ourselves to a higher level of existence.

This article was inspired by ‘Reading’ I Ching – (Hexagram 39 Jien=Obstruction)  – Master Ni Hua-Ching translation.

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