We are having a ‘Beginners Week’ so our Tuesday (3/10) and Thursday (5/10) evening classes will be specially focussed on introducing Tai Chi to beginners (for half the price of a regular class – £5). We also welcome restarters : )  Give yourself some good energy   and feel free to bring a friend.

park class

Weekly classes in Oxford

Beginners & experienced players welcome


Autumn Term 2017 – Sept 11th till Dec 14th. £10.00 ‘Pay-per-Class’ (student discounts available)

Half Term – 2 weeks.  October 23rd – November 5th

Tuesday – Beginners – 7.45 till 9.15pm –  Old Headington Village Hall

Tuesday – Intermediates – 8.15 till 9.45pm –  Old Headington Village Hall

Thursday – Beginners – 7.30 till 9pm – Cheney Community Hall

Thursday – Intermediates – 8 till 9.30pm – Cheney Community Hall

Classes cover

Loosening-up, Tai Chi Movement Exercises, Qigong

Golden Flower Tai Chi Form, Meditation, Applications

Have fun and relax!

Other Classes

Advanced class at Headington Community Centre

Private therapeutic class at Khiron House , Private Lessons on request


Golden Flower Day with Master San Gee Tam and Annukka

Nov 5th 2017 Chichester.

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