Golden Gates

The teacher leads you to the gate, but only you can pass through it
by Marie Carty new GF Instructor

The simplest way I can describe my experience of learning t’ai chi is to symbolise it into ‘Golden Gates’:  The first Golden Gate that opened to me was discovering t’ai chi 4½ years ago when I enrolled my whole hamlet community (nestled 13 miles from Oxford, UK) in taking weekly lessons in one of our neighbouring gardens; after some enquiries, Tom Gold-Blyth very quickly agreed to come from Oxford to teach us.  The second Golden Gate opened 18 months ago when Tom put his faith in my becoming a teacher and holding my own classes in one of our nearby villages.  The third opened Golden Gate was my opportunity to train towards taking The Test so that I could become a Golden Flower Instructor.  Passing The Test during this February 2014’s training lead me through the fourth Golden Gate.  Passing through these gates taught me that when adventure comes, it is an invitation to open the way to what is new, an invitation to going on a journey towards priceless treasures.  Indeed, through the wonderful art of t’ai chi and the support of the Golden Flower School I learn every day how to find quietness, how to manage my realities, how to enjoy life, how to simply be myself.  I know this is the beginning of many more Golden Gates to open through the safe guidance offered by SanGee, Annukka and the Golden Flower School.

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