Golden Flower

Master San Gee Tam and Annukka

Master San Gee – Roll Back

Master San Gee Tam leads and inspires the International Golden Flower School.  With over 25 years of private top-level training from Master Chu King-Hung and Master Dong Zeng Chen, he’s also worked with Master Ni Hua-Ching and with Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh). Master San Gee Tam acknowledges that: “It’s over the 40 years of working with tens of thousands of people around the world that I’ve learnt the most. The process of communicating and working with people is a real privilege – a very powerful and enlightening process.”

His integral “Golden Flower” method, including Tai Chi and self-cultivation, is a unique system, comprehensive for Westerners and accessible for anyone with an open mind. Education and ongoing training of Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructors is his highest priority, because it is his intention to make the unique benefits of the Golden Flower teachings available to anyone. Learning Tai Chi is a process of personal evolution for instructors as well as for the students.

Annukka helps San Gee Tam create and run his classes and workshops and regularly practices all of the school’s syllabus: Golden Flower Form, Traditional Long Form, Small Circle, Pushing Hands, Standing Chi Kung, Hsing-I and Pa Kua.  Annukka is a mentor in Master Ni’s organisation, the USIW, and is dedicated to promoting his work.

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