The Golden Flower School is more than a Tai Chi School. After many years of working with powerful teachers (including Osho, Master Ni, Werner Erhart) and leading thousands of hours of groups, Master San Gee  Tam has developed a whole curriculum for Self Cultivation.  The first level of this curriculum is ChiSource, a course that provides a set of practices to work on whole health and to bring more harmony to your everyday life.

“ In my life I have times when I come fully into balance and am aligned with everything the way it is.  I feel both relaxed and energetic – I can easily do all that I want.

Other times that balance is lost and I find myself either pushing to hard for things to happen or trying to catch-up with all thats going on. I am disconnected and easily sapped of energy.”

ChiSource is a very practical approach to looking at your own life and using specific practices that  help you to return to harmony with yourself and all that surrounds you.


Energy Development

Self Enquiry


Mental Clearing

Spiritual Practice


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