What is Tai Chi?


Tai Chi is an ancient principle represented by the Tai Chi symbol.  It is the principle of maintaining balance in an environment of change.  Balance comes through the interaction of Yin and Yang. We need physical balance, and emotional/mental balance. On a subtle level we need balanced energy.  Tai Chi underpins numerous arts such as  Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese  Medicine, Feng Shui and ‘Reading’ I Ching… also Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan is a movement, exercise and self defence system based around the principle of balance. As a beginner you benefit from better physical and mental balance and later you learn to balance your subtle energies (in a similar way that a acupuncturist would – but without the needles!)

Golden Flower Tai Chi is a complete system of Tai Chi Chuan that also combines a way of self-cultivation (or personal development) towards the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Enlightenment …or ‘opening the Golden Flower’…is moving beyond the duality of yin and yang (with the constant need to find balance) to a state of oneness or unity…our true original nature.

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