Becoming a Tai Chi Instructor

marie and tom (1)

In the International Golden Flower Tai Chi School we have a long tradition of teaching students to a professional level and hundreds of people have become Instructors. The School upholds a high standard to ensure that a Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructor has worked intensively on themselves, refined their ability to work with the forms and with Qi and is ready to start to transmit the art. Senior Instructors in our local schools teach advanced students the whole ‘Curriculum of the School’ in detail and support students to more deeply embody the Principles. When a Trainee Instructor is ready then they may take their Instructor Test with Master San Gee Tam and Chief Instructor Annukka Holland. In Oxford we have a weekly class for Trainee Instructors. So far one student of the Oxford School (Marie Carty) has ‘graduated’ to Instructor and we have one or two more who may do so soon! There is no fixed amount of time that it takes to reach Instructor Level – but it is measured in years. Becoming a Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructor is a significant achievement.

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